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Our company is a professional manufacturer of pharmaceutical, food, chemical industry equipment, our products include extraction equipment, stainless steel pressure vessel equipment, food additives and detergent fermentation system, liquid mixing system, food and chemical industry etc..

API equipment: herb cutter, washing machine, herb grinder, extraction equipment, concentrator, purification equipment, drying equipment etc..

Packing equipment: tube filling machine, blister packing machine, liquid packaging machine, carton packing machine, capsule filling machine etc.

Granulating equipment: wet granulating machine, granulator, dry granulator, boiling dryer, spray dryer, vacuum drying machine, tablet pressing machine, coating machine etc..

Preparation equipment: multi effect distilled water machine, pure water RO system, pure steam generator, liquid distribution system, CIP cleaning system and liquid packing system

Because we supply good quality machine and competitive price, we also supply good service to customer, so our machine is popular on the world, we welcome all the friends come to our company to check the machine and we warmly hope that we can do our best for you.

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